Nicaragua? Again?

Well it looks like we are seeing some new threats try and creep under the radar here. Please go read this article in the NY Sun. I’ll wait, the rest of my comments will make sense after your reading assignment.

The timing of this is of huge concern to me. With the change that will take place in the government as a result of US elections, the IRGC will have the perfect opportunity to:

a.) Slip additional covert operatives into the country to raise havoc, as I am sure they are already doing.

b.) Slip personnel into the US to establish additional sleeper cells (does anyone doubt that they already have some?).

c.) Wage a significant insurgency campaign on US soil. Not the spectacular attacks like those of 9/11. More like a large volume of low scale infrastructure attacks (electrical distribution systems, etc.)punctuated by select attacks on civilian targets (think schools, shopping malls, etc.)

d.) Establish a long term prescence in Central America that can threaten American interests and influence throughout the hemisphere.

e.) Establish a covert support infrastructure for direct attacks against both the United States and Panama Canal traffic.

I think that it is time to check and update my go bag, as well as the “get out of dodge” contingency plans. If the IRGC is able to bring any level of disruptive violence to CONUS life as we know it is going to be traumatically changed.

Of course it could just be my natural paranoia kicking in too. But, I have a really bad feeling about this.


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  1. The Sun article is a good reporting catch.

    The Monroe Doctrine applies.

    I would rather our own spooks were focused on external threats rather than working over US citizens inside CONUS.

    The Mosquito Coast, for a place with few people and many mosquitoes, seems attract geopolitical events by it’s remoteness.

    You have to question the wisdom of allowing the influx of Muslims into the USA, funded Mosques by Saudi Arabia in the USA, and other potential “fifth column” recruitment points and potential personnel.

    The Iranian presence in Nicaragua can be tidied up via the Monroe Doctrine in short order if our officials see it as a threat.

    The way things are going you know Iran’s motives and aims, but our own officials goals are not always clear.

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