Food for Thought

Over at Flopping Aces, Scott has an interesting post up.  It seems to me that I have seen something similar before.  In any case, it should help to put current events in perspective.  Go read the words, and then allow yourself to have an emotional reaction to them.  Then finally consider what it means to agree and believe in the intial premise.

We Americans (at least most of us) believe that God gives all human beings certain inalienable rights, that everyone is created equal, and that among these rights are the right to live, to live in a government that derides its power from the consent of the people, and the right to pursue our own happiness. These rights do not just belong to people who are lucky enough to have been born to legal citizens of the U.S. living between two great oceans, S of Canada, and N of Mexico. They are rights that belong to all human beings.


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