Clinton Legacy – Party Directives

So far this this presidential election cycle I have been sitting back and enjoying the show. When Fred Thompson was in the race, I thought that we finally had an individual who brought forth a set of values that were similar to my own. With his departure, I have been forced to pay closer attention to the other candidates. Over the last few weeks, the democrats have begun to heat things up and the fireworks are beginning to fly. It’s kind of fun to watch. It also presents a learning opportunity for a number of young voters that may not have been old enough to understand the Clinton Administration when they lived through it. Hell I know I am still discovering more and more about the Nixon / Ford / Carter / Reagan years and I thought I paid pretty close attention to the highlights as I lived through them.

Over at Flopping Aces today, they have pulled together an interesting perspective on what is and has been happening in the democratic party. It is interesting stuff, and has created even more questions in my mind about what really went on during the Clinton White House. Go read it and get that grey matter firing as you think it through. One of the more entertaining points:

My favorite part of the article (obviously) was where Ms Noonan let Democrats be Democrats.

One Obama supporter on apparently didn’t get the memo. That is the great threat to the Clintons, the number of young and independent Democrats who haven’t received the memo about how Democrats speak of the Clintons. Writer Mark Q. Sawyer: “If Obama won’t hit back, I will. Why aren’t we talking about impeachment, Whitewater and Osama?”

The answer is simple Mr Sawyer: because you were not allowed to hold your party accountable, and if you DARED point out the absolute disgrace and abject failures that went along with any successes in the 1990’s…you’d be described as a Joe Lieberman, a neocon, a conservative, etc. Now, the time has come-not to recognize that Republicans were right to complain about certain things, but to demand better of the party-not more of the same.

UPDATE:  The Belmont Club has pulled together a series of additional observations.  Interesting stuff here


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