Nothing deep and meaningful in this post.  Just need to vent a little bit as I am really depressed about my dog’s (Tasha’s) deterioration.

Tasha is over fourteen years old, and a black Lab.  She is not a show dog, not a breeding dog just my friend.  We got her from  a breeder halfway across the country that was a family friend of a colleague.  Reputable, champion dogs, all that good stuff and she has been with us a long time now.  When I picked her up after a plane ride across the country (14 yrs, and 2 months ago) she sat in the car next to me howling for her siblings and the farm.  A bath, and a few hours on the floor with her curled up next to me and she became an integral member of the family.  A year or so later we got a second lab to round out the clan.  His life’s path was shorter than Tasha’s but no less joyful.  The decision time with him was not this hard.

Given Tasha’s age I think I have known that this day would come sooner than later but she has deteriorated rapidly over the last couple of weeks, and days.  She is not able to walk without pain, she is incontinent and her quality of life has been drastically reduced as has that of those around her.

The kids don’t really understand (they are all 6 and under).  Tasha will be the fourth pet that we have had euthanised in the oldest one’s lifetime.  I knew that this would happen, and I know that it is the right thing to do under the circumstances too.  It just isn’t easy to know when.  Is there anything reasonable left in the veterinary arsenal to try or are we really at the decision point?

Personally, I think we are to the point where the pain cannot be controlled.  She cannot keep her legs under her sitting or standing.  Yet a week ago she was playing and running (as best she could) with the rest of our canine pack.

Damn it, why do I become so damn attached to my pets?  Why can’t they just pass easily in their sleep, overnight?

The doc just changed her meds around.  Not sure if we will be able to control things any better or not.  If we can, we’ll have to evaluate her quality of life.  If she is not able to get around the house, and around the yard I know what the decision has to be.  I am ready to make that call.  I just need to know that we are at the end of the road when I do.  I just need to give the meds sometime to work some magic, or not.

I am going to be relatively rude here and keep the comments closed.  I am sure that everyone has wonderful thoughts and comments but right now I will not enjoy them.

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